First note is: I still need to add one more post from the trip, relating to the orphanage in Gweru. But I want to add a retrospective bit to it, so I need access to photos I have taken 9 months ago. But as I want to post a new note now, using that I have a bit of time on my hands, I will make a summary here.

I got back home after 3 days of travelling: left Gweru by bus, talked most of the way with some random nice guy I met on the bus, and got to Harare past 22:00, after 5 hour journey. Scary, it was dark as hell and I hate not being the driver in such circumstances. I slept at a very small lodge, slash someone’s house, read half a wonderful book about elephants and at 9 am the next day was driven to the airport, where I had a couple of coffees, bought two nice small paintings and got onto my first plane without any disturbances. The lights on Harare failed to work, though, so they kept us in the plane for over an hour before they allowed us to take off. Anyway, it was a nice, short journey, less than 2 hours, to Johannesburg.

After some shopping in Johannesburg, I got onto my second flight, to Frankfurt, on a brand new Lufthansa Airbus A380, I love them. I sat with a guy from France, who, surprise, surprise, spoke NO English, and a nice lady with a 4month old baby in a cot. I slept most of the time, anyway.

After this long flight, we landed, I drugged myself on some more coffees and got onto my last flight to Gdansk. Wonderful airport approach, just over the Old City, which was picturesque and I could see all of the Tricity, perfect thing! Greeted by my Mom and my dog, I finished the last trip.

General summary:

2,500 km, 21 days

Biggest highlights: Ngamo pride, Hwange elephants, Matopos National Park, living next to a waterhole in Victoria Falls

Biggest disappointment: Great Zimbabwe (no difference from the last time)

final route HRE-Falls-Hwange-Matopos-Gweru-Masvingo-Gweru-HRE

I solemnly promise there will be more posts coming relating to the trip, that is:

1. bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe – history
2. falls as such, with a touch on history
3. livingstone – city and man
4. waterhole – and their significance for the area
5.boma restaurant, music and dance of Zimbabwe
6. cecil john rhodes – the man
7. elephants – habits, etc.
8. lions – as above
9. great zimbabwe
10. Rhodesia – what came out of it
As it is my exam period, this posts will not be coming very often, only every now and then, but I believe they might be an interesting read, accompanied by some of my photos.