After arriving in Gweru’s Antelope Park we slept the night and next day after breakfast started our journey to Great Zimbabwe, UNESCO heritage site from which the name Zimbabwe (meaning house of stone) originated. 

We unfortunately overlooked the spot on the map and drove a few kilometres too far, finding a very picturesque lake on the way, photo below. 

After we found our way, we walked around for a while, took some nice pictures, climbed a nice high rock to have a better picture, and got photographed by a school trip, with the kids. We also repaid taking some pictures of the kids 🙂
Anyway, Great Zimbabwe is a phenomenal, very impressing structure, built appx 1000 years ago.You have to see it yourself. 
There’s also a very small Shona village just nearby, looking quite nice in the setting. 
We left Great Zimbabwe and had a lunch in a cosy, family-run restaurant in Masvingo, a wonderful place where we bought a wonderful wooden elephant sculpture and I got myself and oil canvas of a zebra, a very vibrant, beautiful picture, will upload the photo.