After leaving Hwange we drove to Matobo National Park, Matopos in short, a definitely not valued enough spot of Zimbabwe, which made it all better for me, as there were not very many tourists, just a school bus of kids.

Firstly, we stopped at James Cecil Rhodes’ grave, from which a beautiful view is spreading. The colours on the rocks are awesome – it is algae and other flora that makes it so colourful.

Around the spot, there were many interesting lizards. I’ll give them (all reptiles, probably) a separate spot, as I am lacking any book on the subject for the time being, and the one in volunteer lounge here is missing.

The Matopos is generally most well-known as a UNESCO heritage site, because of the cave rock paintings dating something around 40 000 years ago. It was surprising to see no protection apart from some barbed wire around the place, but I believe it’s all financial issues Zimbabwe is going through. With no money for nothing they won’t be protecting some rock paintings, will they? And Matopos is not commercial enough for protection.

Anyway, with some off-road (very off-road!) driving involved – I will be updating videos at a later time, the internet connection is too weak in here, we managed to drive around the park for a couple of hours. In the evening, we reached Antelope Park, finally.

Just for the sake of it, some more photos from Matopos national park: