Today has been a very long day indeed.

It began as I described, with a wake up call to see the animals, and a wonderful breakfast. Later we went to Zambia, on foot, crossing by the historical bridge (later on the photos). The bridge will have its own post sometime later, but for now on I want to focus on the trip itself.

We have started with immigration, passing the border finally, and walked to Zambian Victoria Falls park. There, we got really wet (and I mean it), seeing the Falls from that side of the boarder. Wonderful sight, a sample of which is below.

Later, we dried ourselves in the sun, and trekked down to see the ‘boiling pot’, a part under the falls in which the water seems to be boiling – it’s spinning itself around and is an awe inspiring sight. On the way there, however, we encountered the most idyllic sights, as well as some very bad behaved monkeys, one of which actually slapped my father on the leg, when he tried to pass – it was sitting on the path. We were definitely not welcome!

After a climb up the stairs again, we got ourselves a driver, who took us to Livingstone, historical city in Zambia. More on Livingstone as such will come sometime later, the account of the trip for the time being!

After a brief lunch and sightseeing, we went back to Zim. There, we walked our legs off in Victoria Falls park (another one), which is famous for its statue of Livingstone, apart from incredible view on the Falls.

Wet again, we got back to our lodge, just shortly before sunset, to find a pair of very photogenic, marvellous elephants just by the waterhole. I took over 100 photos that came out really good, so here is just a one, as a post on this will come separately.

Finally, we spent the evening in the Boma restaurant, with mouth-watering food and ‘local’ music we had to take part in making. Fun.

Ready for tomorrow, but I need the bed now!!!